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Bumiller & Company

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2 Orange Street . Rockland, Maine 04841
Office: 596-6146
email: mikebumiller@gmail.com

Opening and closing a summer home, remodeling or renovating, finding that single point of contact for getting things done in Mid-Coast, Maine - especially when you are not even here or busy running a business - can be difficult. Your time is very valuable and is better spent enjoying the beautiful coast of Maine and doing the things you enjoy most - walks, kayaks, time with family and friends. Bumiller & Co. can help you. We can offer our services to give you the peace of mind and extra valued time here in Maine - whether you are a year round resident or a seasonal resident.

We understand that your home and business are more than just investments - your property is the picture that speaks a thousand words. It's your refuge and sense of satisfaction!

Our goal is two-fold.
First, to keep your property looking and being its best.
Second, to help you achieve your unique sense of style and comfort.

We want to help you feel the best you can about your home or business with thorough maintenance and conscientious improvements.

Bumiller & Co. works with you to:
  • Build Equity through Maintenance & Improvements
  • Create a Desirable Look & Comfort
  • Feel Good about Your Investment

  • Property Caretaking & Contracting

    We are fully insured and a Member of NAHB.


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